Welcome to our English Program

We believe that educational institution shall develop creative human resources who can think, act and/or leverage globally.The purpose of this program is to foster children’s ability to express their own thoughts to people from different backgrounds. This is the key, not only for development of an individual who can  think, act and/or leverage globally, but also for the cultivation of their own unique creativity.  As the Renaissance period was a crossover point of diversity, Japanese society can create the crossover point of culture.

We use a communication based approach. Every minute of the class is used to create a fun filled learning environment, we encourage our students to use what they have learnt in a natural way. We gradually build our students vocabulary knowledge while focusing in on pronunciation, reading and writing, phonics, comprehension and with the extended learning at home students make huge steps in their improvements and abilities to communicate in English.

Classes start at Unit 1 - there is a multiple focused approach to their studies using many, songs, action activities, story readings and phonological awareness. This first unit normally takes 2 to 3 months to complete and REP (Repeated Exposure Practice) at home is vital to lay the foundations for the units to come. After completing Unit 1 students make faster steps in the units to come as they are more aware of what is being taught, how and what is expected. Future units normally progress at a faster rate than Unit one.

All classes are aimed at building a love for English through fun and interactive ways with their teachers and each each other.