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Contact Details

Yamata Yochien
351-1 Higashiyamata-cho,
Tsuzukiku, Yokohama.
Tel: 045-592-4850

How to get to and enter Yamata Yochien

After exiting Higashi Yamata station cross the road and go to your left. Take the first road on your right and follow this road approximately 200m. Yamata Yochien will be on your right.

To gain entry into Yamata Yochien, press the button on the intercom and wait for a staff member to answer. State your business and who you have arranged to meet and then you will be let in.

Follow the road to the top of large white building on your left and you will be greeted at the entrance.

Please watch the video below for a clear picture of how to enter Yamata Yochien.

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