• Image A wonderful aerial view of Yamata Yochien. As you can see, we provide a huge play area for our students enjoyment.
  • Image Our Futaba classes are full of fun activities, songs and dances. The empasis is on fun using English.
  • Image We all love to sing and a great way to learn new vocabulary is through song. We have many songs that we sing everyday.
  • Image Action Activities are a great way to keep students focused and motivated and above all they are so much fun.
  • Image Teachers meetings are an important part of our day. It gives our teachers time to reflex on their classes and to share ideas.
  • Image Students have our teachers full attention at all times, and a helpful hand is never far away.
  • Image REP - Repeated Exposure of Practice - is an important part of our English program. The more we listen to English the more we remember.
  • Image In our After School program children enjoy outdoor activities with our native English speakers. It gives them a chance to use their English in a natural environment.

Welcome to Kurihara Gakuen Group's English Program

Many English programs fail to fullfil the needs of Japanese children's English education. Using the GrapeSEED program our students learn at a faster and more effective pace than normal. This high exposure ensures that our student learn, retain and are able to use English in real life situations as communication skills..

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